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The Center can provide assistance with model based process improvement, including:

  • SW-CMM ® (Software Capability Maturity Model)
  • CMMI SM (CMM Integration)
  • PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge)
  • and other frameworks.
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Utilizing an industry standard improvement cycle , virtually any business process area can be diagnosed and improved. Improvements can range from the simple addition of a single procedure step or document, through adjustments to departmental processes, to full scale improvement programs.

The Improvement Cycle

The Center utilizes the SEI's IDEAL model for all improvement initiatives. This model is readily tailored up or down based on the scope of the target improvement, from a one-day consultation to solve a specific problem, to multi-year improvement initiatives spanning entire organizations.

Some of the tools the Center brings to bear include:

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  • CBA-IPI Assessment or SCAMPI Appraisal
  • Management Steering Committee
  • Goal-based Planning
  • Software Engineering Process Team (SEPG)
  • Process Action Teams
  • Process Capture and Documentation methods
  • Technology Transition Workshops
  • Organizational Communication Planning
  • ROI Measurements

Contact us today to discus which models and methods are right for your organization .

The SW-CMM, CMMI and IDEAL are registered by the Software Engineering Institute.

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